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Tunes with Maine Related Names
Name Composer Traditional Version Shapenote Version MIDI
Augusta C.M. Maxim Augusta C.M. (PDF) Augusta C.M. (PDF) Augusta C.M. (Midi)
Augusta. S.M. Washburn Augusta S.M. (PDF) Augusta S.M. (PDF) Augusta S.M. (Midi)
Bangor. C.M. Tansur Bangor. C.M. (PDF) Bangor. C.M. (PDF) Bangor. C.M. (Midi)
Chelsea C.M Maxim Chelsea C.M. (PDF) Chelsea C.M. (PDF) Chelsea C.M. (Midi)
China. C.M. Swan China C.M.(PDF) China C.M. (PDF) China C.M. (Midi)
China. S.M. Washburn China S.M. (PDF) China S. M. (PDF) China. S.M. (Midi)
Gardiner C.M. Maxim Gardiner C.M. (PDF) Gardiner C.M. (PDF) Gardiner C.M. (Midi)
Hallowell C.M. Maxim Hallowell C.M. (PDF) Hallowell C.M. (PDF) Hallowell C.M. (Midi)
Hallowell S.M. Washburn Hallowell S.M. (PDF) Hallowell S.M. (PDF) Hallowell S.M. (Midi)
Kennebeck. C.P.M. Harwood Kennebeck. C.P.M. (PDF) Kennebeck. C.P.M. (PDF) Kennebeck. C.P.M. (Midi)
New-Castle. C.M. Maxim New-Castle. C.M. (PDF) New-Castle. C.M. (PDF) New-Castle. C.M. (Midi)
Nobleborough. L.M. Nobleborough L.M. (PDF) Nobleborough L.M. (PDF) Nobleborough L.M. (Midi)
Palermo Washburn Palermo (PDF) Palermo  (PDF) Palermo (Midi)
Sydney. C.M. Washburn Sydney. C.M (PDF) Sydney. C.M (PDF) Sydney. C.M (Midi)
Vassalborough C.M. Maxim Vassalborough C.M. (PDF) Vassalborough C.M. (PDF) Vassalborough C.M. (Midi)
Waterville L.M Washburn Waterville L.M   (PDF) Waterville L.M.  (PDF) Waterville L.M. (Midi)
Whitefield. C.M. Washburn Whitefield. C.M (PDF) Whitefield. C.M (PDF) Whitefield. C.M (Midi)

Waterville L.M.

This tune was written by Japheth Coombs Washburn, about 1818 and published in his tunebook, The Temple Harmony, p. 195. The words are from Isaacs Watts, Psalms of David, Book II, Hymn 60.

It is highly probable that the hymn was sung in Waterville at the First Baptist Church in Waterville. Washburn lived in China, Maine at the time and belonged to the Baptist Church in China, Maine.
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